Meet Carr-E, Ford’s Futuristic Hoverboard

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Let’s face it. The world is constantly evolving and moving at a faster pace than our minds can even process.

Bigger cities, more traffic and long commutes are becoming the norm, and slowly give way to “mega-cities.” By the looks of things, slowing down just isn’t an option. The same goes for car manufacturers, so Ford has decided to take innovation one step further.

We give you the four-wheel hoverboard-like prototype called ‘Carr-E.’ It’s perfect for getting around crowded cities, but the best part is that it’s light weight, so you can carry it individually, or it put it in the spare tire carrier of your Ford vehicle.

It was created by Kilian Vas, a Ford systems engineer, who was thinking about that last mile – the last bit of a trip that can’t be done on a public road via private car or public transit.

“I think it is a good piece to get in this new mobility business,” said Vas in an interview. “This could really be a link between the given modes of transportation.” Vas often travels with equipment he needs to carry and one day had his “ah-ha” moment.

“One day I looked in the trunk of my Mustang and saw this (space) with just a tire in it and thought this could be a nice storage space for a mobility device,” he says. “To really use it on a daily basis, getting it easily out of the car, putting my luggage on it and letting it do all the work.”

Vas rode the device out on stage to show it off during the “Further with Ford” trend conference in Dearborn, Michigan recently. Carr-E’s multipurpose functionality separates it from other electric personal transportation devices. In addition to carrying riders, Carr-E can be used to transport heavy objects up to 250 lbs. Users can simply place the object on the device and it will follow an electronic transmitter they keep in their possession.

Will you be standing in line to get your very own Carr-e?

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