Fearless Ford Raptor Tackles Rocky Trails with Ease (Video)

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Fantastic high-speed desert runner can also traverse mud and rocks with the best of them.

We often tout the off-road capabilities of Ford’s Raptor, as does everyone. After all, that’s what the thing was built to do, right? But most of the Raptor’s press focuses on its ability to traverse desert roads at high speed. In all fairness, that all began with Ford and their enthusiasm surrounding the truck’s much-ballyhooed Baja mode. Simply flip a switch, and you too can live out your desert racing dreams. But the Raptor is much, much more than a factory-built Baja racer.

In fact, Ford’s ever-capable, gussied-up F-150 can take on just about any sort of terrain and come out a winner. Our latest proof of that comes from this stellar video from YouTuber Stefan Asseg, in fact. He (and his truck) tackle just about every kind of surface Utah’s Arches National Park can throw at him. From rocks to steep inclines to deep, mud-filled trenches. And the mighty pickup soaks it all up like it’s nothing more than a paved parking lot.

Ford Raptor

This is par for the course for the venerable Raptor, of course. We already know that you don’t have to spend thousands on mods or even driving lessons to do just that. This factory-built maven is as close to a turn-key off-roader as you’ll ever get, which just goes to show you that we indeed live in the golden age for those who love to travel off the beaten path.


It also doesn’t hurt that we have cool kit like drones equipped with high-definition cameras to document these types of shenanigans, either. So, if you just so happen to own a new Raptor, get out there and show us what it’s made of!

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