Ford Super Duty Rescues Chevy from Deep Mud

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Chevy gets up to its hood in mud. The Ford gets to work yanking it to solid ground.

As long as there have been trucks, there have been people driving them off-road. Many have done it because they had to; trucks existed long before the Interstate System became a major part of the American landscape. Many others have driven trucks off-road because they want to. As long as pickup lovers have been getting their rigs dirty out past where the pavement ends, people have been getting them stuck. Luckily, there have always been folks like the Ford driver in this video to bail them out.

It’s not clear how exactly the white Chevrolet Silverado got jammed into the mud, but it’s plain to see that it’s not going anywhere. Its Z71 package is no help, just a couple of useless decals. It’s buried at an angle in a pool of muddy water all the way to the front of its hood. The tires that aren’t completely submerged can’t grab onto anything solid enough to allow the Chevy driver to back out under his truck’s own power. Fortunately for him, an F-250 SuperCab 4X4 is nearby and ready to help. Once both trucks are connected, the Super Duty driver lays on the throttle. Ford Super Duty Pulls Chevrolet Out of Mud

At first, the F-250 spins its front passenger-side tire and sprays up mud without making any progress. After it gets into a better position, it charges forward again, breaking the Silverado loose of Mother Nature’s muddy grip.

She doesn’t give up easily, though. The whole process requires a team effort outside of the Ford’s pulling power. The Silverado driver uses reverse while a hardworking friend in the water pushes on the truck’s grille guard. Even after the Silverado is out of the bog, Mother Nature has the last laugh when the Silverado driver opens his door.

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