F150/F250 Light Duty: Installing Sylvania’s Xenarc High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlight System

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By Ken Payne

Sylvania has recently caught the attention of automotive enthusiasts with is new Xenarc High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlight system. This system delivers more intense white light than traditional halogen lights. According to Sylvania, Xenarc HIDs yield three times the illumination, lasts ten times longer and consumes only 65% of the power of halogen bulbs. Add to this, in our opinion, that they look better than the standard F150 headlight system and you’ve got a clear (no pun intended!) winner.

For our installation we choose our newest Ford Truck Enthusiasts project vehicle, a 2000 Ford F250 Light Duty owned by Mack Rackford. The F250 Light Duty is basically a 1997+ body-style F150 with a heavier duty suspension. Stay tuned for more upgrades and articles based on this truck!

First, we took the headlight units out for inspection. The headlights are well made units, heavier in construction than stock units and they have that sharp "Euro" look.


The first thing we did is mark the stock headlight aiming on a flat surface (a wall or garage door will do). This step isn’t mentioned in the instructions but we found it to be very helpful later on when aiming the new headlights. Next, turn off the headlights and take the key out of the ignition.

After this you need to removed the old headlight assemblies. Locate the retainer clips on the back of the radiator frame. These stick up slightly.
Pull them up. About halfway up they stop moving (there is a clip on them to keep them from coming off). In order to completely move them up, use a flathead screwdriver to move the clip and then pull the retainers up.

Push the headlamp assembly forward and

disconnect the wiring from the headlamp. Repeat the procedure with the other headlight. Set the lamps asside.

Feed the supplied wiring harness through the passenger side headlamp opening.

Run the wiring harness across the top of the fan shroud.

Clip the relay to the round opening on the front radiator support (left of the headlamp opening as shown).

Clip the wiring harness to the top of the fan shroud.

Attach the new wiring harness to the driver side lamp.

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