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Author: Ken Payne


Welcome back to the Roush F-150 project truck series.  In this installment we make a simple cosmetic change that really cleans up the look of the front of the truck, and works well with pretty much any recent Ford model….

If you’re like many people, you like the look of the clear lenses on new vehicles, but dislike the ugly amber turn-signal bulbs.  Some people resort to using clear bulbs to clean this up, but the result is potentially dangerous because your turn signals are no longer the amber color other drivers expect.  If only there was a way to get rid of the ugly amber, but still have functional turn signals that flash with the proper color.  Now there is.

Stealth Auto manufactures top-quality chrome colored bulbs that blend in perfectly with clear lenses, yet shine a brilliant yellow/orange when lit. These weather-proof metalic coated bulbs come with a life-time guarantee. Stealth Auto has bulbs for most vehicles.

Installing these bulbs in an F-150 couldn’t be easier. If you have large hands the space will be tight but its still a simple 10 minute swap. Simply open the hood, reach in remove the existing bulbs by turning them counter-clockwise. Then pull the bulb from the socket and insert the "stealth bulb". Then put the socket back in, and give it roughly 1/4 to 1/2 clockwise turn. All done!

The results of such a simple change are fantastic, giving the truck a much cleaner look without any loss in functionality.

During both day and night tests of the turn signals we noticed no decrease in the amber light output of these bulbs over OEM bulbs. If you’re looking for an easy, subtle and positive change to the look of your ride, I highly recommend you install these bulbs.

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