F150/F250 Light Duty: Installing Sylvania’s Xenarc High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlight System (page 2)

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Insert the lamp. This is the
hard part. The aiming pins have a tendency to move and are very
difficult to align because you cannot see them while inserting the
lamp. We found a very simple solution… tire some twine to each
of the aiming pins and feed them through the holes in the opening
for each. As you insert the lamp have someone pull the twine and
it will pull the pins those the holes. See passenger side lamp
installation photos for an example (we didn’t figure out this
shortcut until the second lamp!). Alligator clips work well if
you don’t have twine.

The driver’s side lamp is now
in place.

Repeat the procedure for the
passenger side.

Push the retainer clips back
down. The lamp portion of the installation is now complete.

Attach the wiring harness
to the battery.

Turn on the headlights.
Using the marks you initially made on a flat vertical surface,
aim the lights by turning the aiming pins in or out to move
the beam up, down, left and right. You can now drive the
truck but we recommend (and so does Sylvania) you go get it
professionally aimed by a qualified shop.

Push the retainer clips back
down. The lamp portion of the installation is now complete.

Place the supplied decal on your
back window so the world will know where you got those sharp

Enjoy the new look, brighter
and longer lasting headlamps!

Final Impressions
Mack Ratchford gave us his impressions of the headlight system
about a week after the installation and we’ve presented his
words below…

"I enjoy them. They look good, are much brighter without
blinding the people in front of me and don’t have as much
glare as the stock lights. The best thing about them is
that I don’t like driving at night and I feel safer driving
with them! I recommend them to everyone."

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