T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 3)

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The input shaft bearing slides off with little problem. Note the oil baffle behind bearing.
Removing the output shaft bearing is not so easy, but a little effort will remove it. When removed the two shafts can be separated and removed from the case.
When the two upper shafts are separated, all the roller bearings fall to the bottom of the case. There are 22 of them.
Next, remove the reverse idler shaft and countershaft retainer.
I used this trailer pin and a 3 lb. mallet to remove the shafts from the lower gear assemblies. Remove the large countershaft first then the reverse idler.
There is a total of 88 roller bearings and 6 spacers inside the countershaft. The rebuild kit has all of these parts, so you can trash the old stuff.
I cleaned the case inside and out and prepped it for painting.

Here is the newly painted case. As with everything else I have painted, I used a product called POR-15. It is tough as nails, and looks good too.


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