T-18 Transmission Rebuild (Part 2)

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On the output shaft there is a lock ring that is a bear to remove if you do not have a lock ring pliers. Invest $20 bucks and get one. Not to be confused with snap ring pliers.


This is the input shaft bearing cover. It contains a seal that must be replaced later. Remove the 4 bolts then slide housing off of the shaft.


Sliding the cover off the shaft exposes the bearing.


The bearing cover has a gasket and seal that were in the rebuild kit I bought. Also note the drain port next to the bolt.


The input shaft has a lock ring and the bearing has a snap ring just like the output shaft.


First remove the snap ring from the output shaft bearing.


Then remove the lock ring. I destroyed this one getting it off. Also note the spacer that goes behind the lock ring. This is not in the rebuild kit, so don’t lose it.


Same as above for the input shaft, but here is no spacer on this side.


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