Dually vs. Single Wheel: Which Should You Buy?

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Ford Dually

Several Factors Should Be Considered. Thankfully, BTBR Did Comprehensive Research and Has All the Answers

Dually trucks generally offer more towing capability than single tire trucks. We all know that much. But at what point should you consider taking the plunge and buying one? Big Truck Big RV tackled the question head on, and they included all the important factors you should consider.

A dually is much wider than a single rear tire truck — generally around 13 inches on each side. In Ford’s case, you’re also looking at a longer truck. Most come with eight foot. beds, especially crew cabs. Dually’s sit lower as they’re often used to tow goosenecks or fifth wheel trailers as well. Longer beds reduce the chance of a fifth wheel hitting the cab of the truck. Plus, the lower rear height makes them easier to hitch up.

The rear suspension in a quad rear-wheel F-350 features an extra leaf spring and an overload spring. The springs are also firmer and thicker than single-wheelers. This allows for a significantly higher payload capacity, one of the biggest reasons folks opt for a dually.

Another significant advantage a dually holds is stability while towing. The added length, width, and contact patch from the extra rear tires reduces sway significantly. The pivot point at the rear of the truck benefits greatly from that extra rubber on the ground. But even if you’re not towing a large trailer or a fifth wheel, that added stability trickles down to smaller trailers.

So if you plan on doing a lot of towing, no matter how big or small the trailer is, a dually might be for you. This is especially true if you drive long distances on the highway. The only caveat? You have to have room to accommodate the significant additional length and width.

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