Project F-250 Goes From the Field to the Road

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Ford F-250

BUILDUP! Grandmother’s 1984 Ford F-250 with a Broken Rear Axle Gets a New Shot at Life

Grandmothers are truly amazing. They spoil us the most. They let us do what we normally aren’t allowed to do, and they typically make us happy. And, let’s admit it, they always had more power than our parents anyway!

When it comes to gifts and grandmothers, it’s safe to say that Ford Truck Enthusiast’s forum member 1984_IH6.9_Project has most everyone beat! The gift he received from his great-grandmother was a 1984 Ford F-250 6.9 IDI. While it wasn’t in the best of shapes, it was a starting point for something great.

Moving the ride wasn’t all that easy. The rear axle was shattered, and after he installed a new one, the struggle of getting the engine to run began. That wasn’t too easy either, but he eventually got it going. Unfortunately, the gearing was off due to the new rear axle.

“It took a total of three batteries and a little ether to get it to start,” he reveals. After that, he proceeded to daily drive the rig to work. He started it with ether on most days, and worked hard to get the truck into better shape. In addition, he bled the brakes, added power steering fluid, and replaced the old grille. After that, he installed dual six-inch stacks and bolted flappers to them.

He’s run into a few bumps along the road since then, but is still working hard to bring the rig back to its former glory. Most recently he ripped out the old interior and mounted a visor. He’s about to start body work and paint, while also planning on replacing the interior. After that, he plans to save money to have the motor rebuilt.

Take a moment to stop by 1984_IH6.9_Project’s build thread and check out the details, give advice, and let him know how he’s doing!

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