Who Said Low Boys Can’t Tow? Watch This…

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When You Need to Kill the Truck Show but Tow for a Living, You Get a Super Duty Low Rider. But Don’t Be Surprised When It Becomes an Internet Sensation

There are many ways to outfit a Ford truck. Some like it high in the sky, and others like them low to the ground. Heck, there are some that like to leave them stock. We can see why, but adding a little touch of you is always a good thing.

The owner of this low rider Ford Super Duty certainly added a whole lot of him, and immediately turned it into a social media sensation. We first came across this truck last year when the outfitter company Tweety’s Tire released some photos of their creation on Facebook. Since then, the truck has gained a large following on Instagram, and is now featured on the popular YouTube channel Salinas Photography.

According to the video description, this custom Ford is a 1999 F-350 with a 2015 front-end conversion. The engine is a 7.3-liter PowersStroke diesel, and it features a full-delete kit and H&S tune. In the wheels department, Tweety’s installed a set of 26 inch Forgiato wheels. The GMC it’s towing is an actual SEMA build, and also features a plethora of custom parts. As a result, both of these trucks amount to a really pretty penny when put together.

Unfortunately we’ve not been able to find horsepower and torque figures on this Ford. That being said, the video we first shared with you features a monster burnout, so it’s clearly not underpowered. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it surely is a unique and wild creation.

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