Demonic Ford F-250 Mega Truck Raises Hell

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Ford F-250 Super Duty monster truck makes short work of every obstacle.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video comes to us from the CarWarz YouTube channel and it features a Ford Super Duty mega truck named the Demon. For a purpose-built mud truck, this F-250 is in surprisingly good shape, but don’t let that pretty face fool you. This high-riding ¾-ton is all business in the mud, cruising through every obstacle that it encounters.

The Demon

There are no details on this Ford Super Duty from the Nightmare Racing Team accompanying the video, but this is a case where the picture is worth a thousand words. While the body appears to be relatively factory-spec, the sheet metal and the frame are likely the only parts of this truck that came from a Ford plant. The F-250 has a massive chassis and suspension build, with what sounds like a heavily-built V8 gas engine under the hood.

Demon Ford F-250 Side

In addition to all of the key functional components, this Super Duty was built with aesthetics in mind, with the bright white body paint with the green “Demon” decals coupled with the matching green trim throughout the undercarriage.

As mega mud trucks go, this one is very nice. It could probably fit in at many car shows after a good bath, but as the video shows, his F-250 is built to perform.

Making it Look Easy

Over the course of this two-minute video, the high-riding F-250 tackles a couple different mud holes, none of which are any real challenge for this beastly Super Duty. Although the mud appears to be deep enough to swallow an average street truck, the Demon cruises right through each obstacle without breaking a sweat.

Demon Ford F-250 Front

The truck has tow straps hanging from the front and rear in case it needs to be pulled out, but that must be a formality, as this Ford F-250 clearly isn’t going to have any troubles in this venue.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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