Ford F-250 Sports Clean Body, V10 Power: Marketplace Finds

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Ford F-250

Sticking with gas power? This super clean Ford F-250 Super Duty looks like a nice alternative to diesel.

The debate between gas and diesel power will likely never end. But if there’s one thing we’ve gathered from Ford Truck Enthusiasts members who’ve owned them, it’s the fact that the old Triton V10 is a pretty solid and durable engine. One that’s more than capable of racking up hundreds of thousands of miles with little issue. All of which makes V10-powered Super Duty pickups like this 2008 Ford F-250 a solid buy given the way diesel trucks hold their value.

Even better, this particular Ford F-250 is also ultra clean and up for grabs in the FTE Marketplace. The seller is looking to upgrade to a dually, so his pickup is available for a considerable discount over the original sticker price. And with 155k miles on the clock, it’s also got plenty of life left in it. The seller reports that his truck still drives and feels like new, too, with no nasty shakes or shimmies.

Ford F-250

There’s plenty to like about this FX4-equipped Ford F-250, too. It’s got lots of comfy options like leather interior, remote start, backup sensors, and heated seats. It also sports Firestone bags, a BW turnover ball, and an airlift compressor for good measure. And at least from the outside, it all looks pretty darn tidy for a decade-old pickup.

All of which makes this Super Duty an attractive buy for someone who doesn’t mind a non-diesel rig. And unless you plan on hauling enough heavy loads to justify the fuel economy difference, it makes perfect sense. So be sure and head over to the Marketplace to scope out this and the many other cool rides for sale!

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