Which Engine Will Power the Midsize Ford Ranger Raptor?

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If the baby Raptor makes it to the US, which engine do you expect to see under the hood: Turbo or naturally aspirated?

It’s a fact that the Ranger Raptor will be introduced to various non-US markets, including South Africa and Australia. With the new Ranger destined to hit the US in late-2019 or early-2020, there is a good chance that the baby Raptor will be offered alongside the F-150 variant.

For our newest “Question of the Week,” we want to know which engine you think Ford will use for the Ranger Raptor in the US market? Again, assuming it comes our way.

The current global Ranger in foreign markets is available with three engines: 2.5L gasoline, 2.2L turbo diesel, and a 3.2L turbo diesel, with availability varying by region. With the popularity of diesel engines in those markets, it seems possible for the Ranger Raptor to sport a high-performance version of the 3.2L diesel.

Ranger Raptor

There is a possibility for the alleged US Ranger Raptor to go the gasoline route, quite possibly one of the four or six-cylinder EcoBoost engines offered right now. A modified version of the EcoBoost 4-cylinder from the Focus ST or the Mustang could provide comparable power to the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 used in the F-150. In the end, there is no question that one of the EcoBoost V6 engines would open up a greater world of performance capabilities.

Finally, there is the possibility (albeit a longshot) that Ford will use different engines for the midsize badass, offering a diesel engine in foreign markets and a gasoline-powered EcoBoost engine in the US.

What do you think?

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