Customized Ranger Gets Us Pumped for Midsize Raptor!

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Our “Muddy Monday” video might seem boring at first, but it’s not until the very end that this Ford Ranger goes beast-mode.

Ford recently announced that they will offer a new Ranger Raptor model for the Australian market in the upcoming year. With a new midsize truck destined for the US in the next two years, there is a reasonably good chance that the Raptor version will eventually be sold here as well.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video comes to us courtesy of MarkCherryl DM, and it features a recent-model Ford Ranger Wildtrak from the Australian market. This midsized pickup has clearly been modified thoroughly, with prominent wheel flares over the big off-road tires, a brush guard, roof rack, and a mild lift of some sort.


The Ranger begins by descending into a portion of the creek bed, which initially looks fairly dry. As the driver continues along the trench it gets deeper and rougher, but the Aussie Ranger pushes ahead until he arrives at the toughest part of the run. It’s at this point that we realize this video isn’t as lame it looked! As water hits the grille, the Ranger Wildtrak begins to dig through the very, very deep slop, attempting to generate traction through its clever drivetrain and knobby tires.

The modifications made to this particular truck might not be enough for us to directly compare it to the baby Raptor, but it surely paints a nice picture for the future. If this lightly modified sample can be this badass, just imagine a factory-build off-roader!

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