Unusual Customer Visits Californian Ford Dealership

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The dealer was ready to sell him a Ford truck at a price bear-ly over invoice.

Shopping for a new car or truck is stressful enough as it is. By the time you get to the dealership, it’s likely that you’ve already steeled yourself for the onslaught of car salesmen rushing out the door to make their next sale.

While many are honest, hard-working souls who care about their customers, the industry at large has a reputation for being predatory. Now, imagine trying to shop for a car with the threat of an actual apex predator looming nearby!


According to sources, such frightening premise nearly became reality at a Ford dealership in Indio, California over the weekend. Early Sunday morning, 911 operators in the Coachella Valley area reported seeing a bear cub hiding in bushes near the highway.

When wildlife officers arrived, they located the bear cub, which was estimated to weigh between one and two hundred pounds, behind a Ford dealership. The bear cub was safely tranquilized, and will be relocated.

However, what’s unknown is the whereabouts of the bear cub’s mother, and why they were in the desert area in the first place. According to wildlife officers, the location where the bear cub was found was several miles away from its habitat. Perhaps the bear planned on driving back home?


Thankfully, the incident occurred outside of normal business hours for the dealership — around six in the morning on a Sunday. While the bear cub itself was mostly harmless, things could have gotten ugly if the mother was nearby. Regardless, we hope that the mother is located soon, and that both her and her cub can return home.

Maybe, just maybe, the mom was abducted by Chevy to produce their stupid steel cage versus aluminum commercial?

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