Watch Truck Drivers Hilariously Misjudge Height Clearances

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This video is a cautionary tale to all of us truck enthusiasts. Always check your height clearance!

It’s a truck driver’s worst nightmare, or maybe even everyone’s worst nightmare. Misjudging the clearance of a box truck or trailer on an overpass or bridge usually carries big consequences. The most infamous place where this happens often is a bridge in Durham, NC. It has happened so much, that the train company that operates the bridge has installed a steel beam to absorb most of the impact.


In a lovely video compilation by 11foot8, you can watch almost 10 minutes of box trucks and RVs getting opened up like tuna cans. After the shock of the first half-dozen of them, it becomes almost hypnotizing watching truck after truck slam into it. It’s like the truck driver equivalent of a “fail” video. Some drivers are oblivious and power through, while some realize the damage is about to happen and try to stop.

For those of us who drive Ford trucks, we’ve probably hauled trailers and had this fear driving down the road. Use this video as a life lesson and make sure to always be aware of your height clearance. The last thing you need is to be publicly shamed like the drivers in this video!

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