Buy This Bronco: 1968 U13 Roadster Is a Total Unicorn

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Bronco U13 Roadster

Investment-grade U13 Bronco roadster represents is a special and relative bargain.

If you’re looking to pick up a mostly original, well-kept early Bronco for a good price — good luck. Pretty much everything that sports a reasonable price tag is some sort of rusted out, cut up shell of its former self. But, if you look hard enough, there are a few solid buys out there. This 1968 U13 Bronco roadster which we spotted recently on eBay is exactly that.


U13 is a special VIN code in “Broncoland,” because it signifies a true roadster. They were produced for only three years (1966-1968) and made up only around 5,000 units total. When you compare that to the over 225,000 first generation Broncos that were built, you can see just how rare they really are. Sources estimate that only a small sliver of that 5,000 still exists today.

This ’68 is one of 212 produced that model year, and she’s a real survivor. The odometer shows 28,480 miles, but there’s no telling if it’s rolled over or not. Looking at the truck, however, it wouldn’t be hard to believe. All the original stickers appear to be in place, and the overall condition is excellent. The Meadowlark Yellow paint looks great, and the Parchment interior shows only minor wear. This U13 also has the original 289 under the hood, which is backed up by a 3-speed manual on the tree.


Considering that many Broncos have crested the $50,000 and even $100,000 mark in some cases, this roadster’s asking price of $32,800 seems very reasonable. This is a truck you can drive and enjoy while watching its value go up. That’s not something you can say about too many things these days, can you?

Plus, you can enjoy showing it off to all the folks who don’t even know that Ford ever made a Bronco roadster. And that’s worth every penny of its asking price.

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