BUILT FORD TOUGH 2015 F-150 Saves Lives in Crash, Shows Aluminum Durability

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We talk at length about the durability and usability of Ford pickup trucks. When Ford made the choice to switch completely to aluminum for the body, we all had our questions. But despite the concerns we may have had, the biggest concern about ANY¬†vehicle is how it responds in a crash. In this case we’re about to share, it did awfully darn well.

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Ford Truck Enthusiast reader Tyler was recently in a head-on collision with his new F-150. It’s a textbook small overlap crash (the difficult-to-pass IIHS test), because the car that hit him came left of center. Tyler says the impact was at 60 miles per hour. The IIHS’s small overlap test is against a stationary object at 40 mph.

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The truck was less than 6 weeks old, but Tyler tells us that he walked away with just a few scrapes and bruises. Obviously, the damage is too severe to save the truck, but there was little intrusion into the actual passenger compartment. He says the firewall came in a few inches and the floor in the back bent upwards a bit.

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His insurance company took care of him, and he immediately replaced his destroyed truck with another F-150. That should say it all right there.

I know that if I’m in an accident of that severity, I’d want to be in a F-150.

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h/t and photos via Tyler.

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