Classic Ford F-150 Roars and Soars

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70s f150 fte pull

This week’s Truck Pullin’ video features a 1970s era Ford F-150 pickup participating in a pulling competition at the Pike County Fair back in 2009. There is no information included in this video, but it is blatantly clear from the sound that this classic F-150 is far from stock, with a healthy roar that I would guess comes from a Ford big block V8. This truck also sits a little higher than a stock 70s F-150 and I imagine that this wheel/tire combo is not stock, so this old school Ford truck has clearly been built up.

In any case, after a few seconds of getting the F-150 hooked to the sled, the driver gives a couple good hard revs and the run begins. Amidst the roar of the American V8, the classic F-150 quickly makes its way down the track and it almost appears to be getting easier as the run goes on. However, as the F-150 nears what looks to be the 300 foot mark, the sled digs in and the old Ford jerks to a stop.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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