TRUCK YOU! A Trustworthy 1996 Ford F-250

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Retirement, it seems, can either be a blessing or a curse. Some people reach the point of fulfillment and happiness and are content to spend the rest of their lives in relaxation with their loved ones and all the time in the world. Others struggle a bit, not finding it easy to know what to do with themselves anymore. Sure, they don’t have to work –but what else are they supposed to do? “Idle hands are the devil’s playground,” so the saying goes.

FTE member Jim (A.K.A. “Seabiscuit-P3“) is currently retired and living, thankfully, “outside the prison walls” somewhere in Oregon. He has seemed to do quite well with his free time, though we wouldn’t say that he’s been idle by any means!


Jim enjoys spending his time hunting, fishing, boating, and shooting. His trustworthy Ford truck, a 1996 F-250 XLT Power Stroke Diesel SuperCab, always gets him where he needs to go! He seems to put enough time into his rig that it might as well be considered a pastime as well!

As it sits now, this white beast has Carr Hoop II truck steps, a Warn CD9000i winch, a Warn Tran4mer brush guard, Warn premium hubs, a LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air spring kit, and more!


Jim certainly puts his rig to good use, and it seems to have benefited him a lot during his retirement. What could be better than going outdoors and having fun in a sturdy Ford truck? Go stop by his garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a great time! Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured next week on TRUCK YOU!

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