BUILDUP Alaskan 2000 V10 Excursion XLT 4×4

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This week’s buildup features a 2000 V10 Excursion from Kodiak, Alaska, purchased a few months ago by FTE member F150in4x4.

This island truck was bought used with 146k miles on it, and with almost zero rust damage–which is amazing considering the climate. And with a V10 engine and 4 wheel drive, this baby is ready to tread through the snow!

Since being purchased, new wheels and tires have been added (shown above). Though this FTE member has big plans for this truck. Some future modifications he intends to add include a Rancho steering stabilizer, Rancho 5000 shocks in all 4 corners, a modded X/B Swap with ATS Bolts, an extended track bar and more.


A focus of suspension and steering is great starting point for any build — this FTE user definitely knows his stuff!

Some unexpected repairs ended up having to be done on this V10’s spark plugs, but as a future mechanic, user F150in4x4 is confident he can take on anything his Ford throws at him–along with help from his father and the friendly members on FTE, I’m sure he will get the job done!

Go check out his build thread and show your support!


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