HUMP DAY JUMP Old School Ford F-250 Takes a Beating

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This old-school Ford nearly came apart during this week’s Hump Day Jump!

Woodstruck 2015 seems to be a truck-jumping event that this fellow was eager to participate in, though his truck didn’t seem to share that enthusiasm. We see him take off from the far right, and hit the gas as he approaches the mound. He flies off the ramp flawlessly, but his landing wasn’t quite a perfect 10.

As he lands, we see the wheels of the truck bury themselves in the wheel wells, and the hub cap missing from his front wheel flies out of the truck bed.

While you’re watching this video, you’ll swear that truck is going to split in half by the way the rear is twisting itself about. But luckily for this trucker, it remained attached.

This man was also lucky to be wearing a helmet, as you can see at 00:07, no airbags seem to be present to ease the impact. You always have to have safety in mind when preforming daring stunts like this!

What are you waiting for? Check out the video below!

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