Bronco Burnout Camp: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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Camping in the great outdoors can get a little too quiet sometimes, so this Bronco took matters into its own hands.

The full-size Ford Bronco is best known for taking Orenthal James Simpson on one of America’s most famous police chases. That being said, the truck-based Bronco is also one of the greatest SUVs ever built by the Blue Oval. The short wheelbase, tall stance, and the lineup of powerful engines made the full-size Bronco a popular choice with off-roaders. Especially those who enjoyed taking the top off.

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features a fourth-generation (1987-1991) Ford Bronco. This SUV is generally used for playing in the mud, but in this particular video from Lizard Mud Crew, there is no mud involved! The Blue Oval SUV appears to be at a campsite, and with a tow strap affixing it to a sturdy tree.


Details are scarce on this hot ride, but it sure sounds like it has one of the two available V8 engines, presumably without an exhaust system south of the headers. Furthermore, we can spot a snorkel along the driver’s side A-pillar, as well as a beefy set of off-road tires. Sadly, those won’t last too long if the owner pursuits this kind of videos.

In some cases, mud tires serve as a deterrent for smoky burnouts, but the fact that this Bronco is tethered to a tree leads to one fantastic tire shredding session. We won’t spoil the fun for ya, so make sure to click on the video and enjoy!

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