Ford Truck-Driving Sheriff Rescues Hurricane Harvey Victim

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The “Built Ford Tough” slogan isn’t just a marketing stunt, it’s a culture folks believe in — including this Texas Sheriff.

As you may have seen over the weekend, Hurricane Harvey has slammed the state of Texas with violent storms, wiping entire communities off the map. While many small towns have suffered greatly, the city of Houston has taken a severe lashing on behalf of the catastrophic event.

As most kind-hearted Americans do in the face of disaster, stories of folks helping each other have surfaced since Harvey struck. Another one that stood out was documented by KHOU‘s Brandi Smith.

Smith spent her weekend as a road warrior, bringing the station’s viewers the latest information on Hurricane Harvey and its path of destruction. At some time on Saturday, she found herself on a Houston overpass when she noticed a semi truck stranded below it. She quickly realized the driver was still inside the cab and had nowhere to go, except for the rushing waters that surrounded his truck.

In the midst of trying to communicate with the truck driver, Smith and her cameraman spotted a Sheriff’s department Ford Super Duty truck towing a rescue airboat driving by. They flagged the officers down and quickly brought them up to speed on the semi truck and its driver. Thankfully the officers weren’t en route to another emergency and were able to handle the situation themselves instead of dispatching another unit, which could’ve taken hours to arrive.


After positioning the Ford Super Duty in a suitable spot, the airboat was deployed and they rushed to rescue the truck driver. By that point, the water was well on its way to the top of the side doors. A few more minutes and it could’ve been too late.

We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts would like to thank Brandi Smith, her crew, and of course, the unnamed Sheriff’s Department officers for their brave work, and for constantly saving lives.

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