Hurricane Harvey: Ford F-250 Doubles as Shelter for Couple & Four Dogs

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Shortly after they rushed into their F-250, wind gusts of over 130 mph blew away their home right before their eyes.

Hurricane Harvey pummeled nearly every town and metropolis along the Gulf coast of Texas over the weekend. As the once category-four hurricane moves onto Louisiana, miraculous survival stories emerge from across the Lone Star state.

This one in particular, as covered by the Dallas News, isn’t just interesting because of the role that a late-model Ford F-250 Super Duty played in it, but because it’s a shining testament to the relentless American spirit.

Bill and Paulette Rogers live in Port Aransas, Texas. The popular Mustang Island is a stretch of land located south of Port Aransas and it’s where most of the nicer homes, resorts, and beachfront properties are located. That’s where the Rogers’ home once stood.


The Texan outlet reports how 130 mph wind gusts rocked their house until it became obvious they had to run. Their first shelter was Paulette’s Ford Focus. However, the little car wouldn’t be enough when it began to submerge. That’s when they hauled themselves and their four dogs to Bill’s Ford F-250 Super Duty. The photo taken by Dallas News shows the Ford pickup is equipped with a heavy-duty grille guard/front bumper and all-terrain tires. While a beefy package, certainly not a place to weather a deadly hurricane.

To make an already scary story extremely terrifying, the truck’s steering column and front axle were quickly rendered useless when a large tree branch jammed between them. Bill briefly attempted to exit the truck and retrieve the branch but was immediately pulled by the current, forcing him to hang on to dear life from the Ford’s running board. Thankfully, Paulette mustered every ounce of energy she had left and helped him get back in.

As a result, the couple’s search for high ground came to a halt, and they were forced to stay put as water rushed into the cabin and shorted the truck’s electronics.


The next eight hours involved the massive half-ton truck becoming buoyant, and the couple of 40-years being trapped in the cabin with water up to their shoulders. When sunlight finally bathed Mustang Island and the water recessed, Bill and Paulette witnessed the widespread destruction for the first time.

To say that the “Built Ford Tough” F-250 Super Duty played a massive role in their survival would be an understatement. But, it’s not the reason they survived — that’d be the couple’s incredible strength, fierce perseverance, and deep love for one another.

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