Is the Bollinger B1 a Hotter, Two-Door Version of the Future Bronco?

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Blending a rugged past with the sleek future, the boxy Bollinger EV shows many Bronco-like characteristics. 

Behold the Bollinger B1. An ambitious electric vehicle that ticks every box on our “modern Bronco” wants-list. The B1 is the most versatile and capable electric SUV we’ve seen in decades, and it leverages every advantage of an EV to make it a better tool. But, how good is it really?

First, you must notice what’s not there. The lack of differentials, drive axle, and other normal hardware hanging under the body means the B1 has incredible ground clearance. How incredible? It rocks 15 inches of travel, and such amount can be adjusted up or down by five inches thanks to an adjustable hydraulic suspension. Another thing that’s missing? An engine!


Without the weight of a motor hanging over the front, Bollinger was able to push the front wheels as far forward as they wanted, which translated into an approach angle of more than 56 degrees. Speaking of the engine (or the lack of it), they made use of the extra dead space to create a cargo pass-through which runs the full length of the B1.

The front and rear also feature standard flat-drop tailgates, so in theory, you could extend the cargo capacity further. We are talking about the ability to load wood beams in the 16-foot range. Impressive, no? Speaking of moving stuff, the rear seats fold up, not down, and you can load full-size 4×8 sheets in the back. The majority of the B1 is made from aluminum, which keeps the total weight under 4,000 pounds, and gives the wannabe Bronco a towing and payload capacity of more than three tons.


Then there’s the way it looks. This is a perfect modernization of the classic Bronco look. The short snout, squared edges, and a clean side profile. The fact that it’s all put together with exposed rivets and screws just makes it look more awesome. Oh, and did we mention it’s convertible?

Instant torque for days will help you claw your way out of any situation, and with a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds and a 127-mph top speed, it’s more than sufficiently fast on paved roads.

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