Mystery Ford Engineer Claims ‘No Go’ on Two-Door Bronco

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Strong rumors emerge from Dearborn claiming heated internal debates on whether a two- or four-door-only Bronco should be produced.

It goes without saying that the true spirit of the Bronco is broken. Even if Ford manages to build a kick-ass SUV with serious off-road chops, it will never be as basic, as engaging, or as fun as the first one was. It’s not because they don’t want it to be, but because that’s life. Technology moves on, things improve, and therefore become a tad less tantalizing.

Backing up our claim is an anonymous Ford insider, who has allegedly told Gear Patrol that there will not be a two-door Ford Bronco. As much as we would want this specific bit to be “fake news,” the lifestyle publication is a well-established one, and they wouldn’t be saying this just for the heck of it. Now, could someone at Ford be having fun at their expense? Absolutely.


“The Bronco is already in its third design phase — only one is typical,” says Gear Patrol. “They just commissioned another design study, because they feel it looks too much like a Wrangler. If you’re familiar with the [Ford] Troller, out of Brazil, that’s the basic concept, but it’ll look like a four-door version of that. We were also told there won’t be a two-door version because ‘there’s just no market for it,’ but the vehicle will have a removable modular roof that comes off in three sections (only the top sections are removable, and not the back portion, like a Wrangler’s).”

It’s hard to believe that a company like Ford would be having such troubles designing the Bronco. This would be like chef Gordon Ramsay having difficulties grilling a steak, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The anonymous source also said the Ford SUV will have a wading depth of 500mm, and will be comparable in off-road performance to the Jeep Wrangler.

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