Ford Vehicle Donations and DAV Transportation Network Fuel Veterans

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Ford’s strategic donations and partnerships help our nation’s heroes meet their vital medical commitments.

For millions of our nation’s heroes, returning home from war isn’t an easy transition. Many require medical care and treatment necessary to help them achieve a better quality of life. Many disabled veterans struggle to transport themselves to much-needed doctor appointments. As a result, Ford Vehicle Donations is working hard to make sure these heroes can get the medical attention they need and deserve.

Last year alone, vehicles donated by the Motor Company transported nearly 700,000 disabled U.S. veterans to their doctor and hospital visits. This year, Ford Vehicle Donations is adding eight more Flex SUVs to the DAV Transportation Network to help ensure that number increases.


Over the last 21 years, the Blue Oval has donated a total of 215 vehicles to DAV. The company, formed in 1987, has helped over 18 million veterans reach VA facilities in that time span. “Without Ford’s generosity and the hard work of our volunteers, we would not have been able to provide nearly 700,000 rides for veterans last year alone,” says Dave Riley, DAV national commander. “Ford vehicles are crisscrossing the country for veterans, traveling almost 23 million miles every year to make certain our heroes can access the care they earned.”

“We are inspired by their courage and salute their sacrifices in protecting our freedoms.” – Jim Vella, Ford Motor Company Fund

Incredibly enough, the Motor Company’s relationship with DAV spans a whopping 95 years. In 1922, Ford assembled a caravan of 50 Model Ts to help transport disabled veterans to their national convention. Henry Ford himself began hiring disabled World War II vets in 1919. Today, it employs nearly 6,000 veterans. They also provide training programs and scholarships for a number of former and current military members.

Keep up the amazing work, Ford.

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