Bedrug Review

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 Bedrug Review

By rupejosh

When I was offered the opportunity to test and review the
BedRug my first thought was "oooh this thing is going to get all tore
up". Well, boy was I  mistaken. I hunt, I  fish, and work the bed of my
truck hard so here is my review of the BedRug and how it proved to be more than
up to the test and just a fantastic product.

The install…..

When I saw this big box show up at the door I very was
excited!!!! When I pulled this big long roll of carpet out of the box I thought
to myself “oh great this should be interesting” but to my surprise the install
went very smooth. You just have to take your time and follow the instructions
and it will lay out like it was a factory option installed by the factory. It
only took me 30 minutes to install and that is with taking a break to go over
the instructions to make sure everything went in perfect.

Before, the bed cleaned up:

The bed rug, layed out on the ground:

Zipping the pieces together:

The finished install:

Looking very professional:

The abuse…..

I installed this right before hunting season so the BedRug
got to see lots of mud, equipment being tossed in and out all day, and a few
animals got to take a ride out of the woods in style on the Bed Rug.

I am also known for cleaning fish on my tailgate (yes i did) and
I cleaned a few fish on the BedRug and everything just rinsed right out.

I also recently hauled a load of rock with the BedRug in and
shoveled it all out by hand and the BedRug came out unscathed. It also claims
to be bleach and acid resistant, well I didn’t have any acid on hand so I
soaked the tailgate piece in bleach, waited a few minutes and rinsed it off,
and I’ll be, it didn’t hurt it a bit.

Overall opinion….

I have had the BedRug and put it through quite a bit of
abuse, even slept on it when I went out hunting and it’s pretty comfortable as
it is padded and fills in the ribs on the bottom of the bed.  I also hauled cinder
blocks and rocks and shoveled it off the BedRug, loaded it up with hunting and
fishing equipment, hauled animals out of the woods, and cleaned fish on the
tailgate. This is one tough liner!!!!

I just wish everyone could make products as tough as the
BedRug and really nice looking to boot. Since the install, people have
commented how nice it looks, and they immediately say it’s too bad you can’t
use your bed like you used to though. Then I tell them the things I have done
to this poor BedRug and they are amazed on how well it is holding up. So if anyone is on the fence about buying one of these, don’t be scared. They are tough as nails and that means a lot coming from someone who will haul
anything in the bed of his truck, and then turn around and just keep beating on
it day in and day out. The thing that amazes me is that it still looks like it
did when it showed up at the door!!!! So in closing I will always be a fan of BedRug
products, I think anyone who has had an opportunity to own one will feel the

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