Top 10 Most Popular Ford Truck Accessories

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When it comes to popular Ford truck accessories, there are many available options to choose from. You may want more than the top 10 listed here, but these are some of the highly used accessories for various purposes. 

Bed Extender

Depending on what type of truck you get, the bed may be a regular sized bed or an extra long bed. Either way, there are many times where you will need a little extra space in the back of your truck. This bed extender allows you to drop the back door down, and lay something over the edge of the truck. The extender will then make sure it doesn’t slide out.

Bed Cover

A bed cover is a good option to make sure that no rain or things like leaves gets into the bed of the truck. These are soft or hard covers, and are available in several different colors to suit your needs. They can also be used to make sure that the contents of your trunk do not get stolen.

Remote Start

A lot of truck owners live in cold areas where there is a lot of snow. The trucks are great in four wheel drive, but what about when you need to start your truck in the cold? Having a remote starter means you can hit a button to start your truck. That way, you can warm up your truck while you are getting ready, and you won’t have to sit in the cold truck while it is warming up.

Keyless Entry

Many Ford trucks come with a keyless entry keypad system. You simply enter a code on your door handle to unlock the truck. No more forgetting keys, and no more scratches near the door handle when you try to open up the truck.

Hood Deflector

A hood deflector is a great accessory to have. It will help ensure your paint does not get hit with dirt, debris, and other things you may encounter when you are on the road. It will help deflect most of this and keep your paint from being damaged.

Splash Guard

Splash guards for your tires are great to protect the back of your truck from all of the dirt and mud that may leave your tires.

Running Boards

Running boards, or step bars are good to have in case you need a little extra boost to get into the truck. It is beneficial for your passengers as well if they are fairly short or if they are young.

Auto Dim Mirror

An auto dimming mirror is great for night driving as it will decrease the lights from the other drivers. It also will display the temperature, as well as your bearings.

All Weather Mats

All weather floor mats are a good option to buy if you face the various elements over the year. Rain, snow, mud, and other things can get into your car, but with these mats, they will protect your car much better.

Cargo Organizer

The last on the list is a cargo organizer. They come as a soft bag that can be put into your trunk of the truck, or even behind the seats.. It can organize things like your tools.

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