2020 Bronco: Could This Be It?

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Redesigned Ford Endeavor could offer a real peek at the upcoming 2020 Bronco SUV.

We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts do everything under our power to bring you the latest information available on the upcoming Ford Bronco. We cover all the news, all the rumors, and as many renders as we can find, all with the hope of giving you the most accurate (or wacky) picture of the Blue Oval’s newest SUV. Thanks to Indian Autos Blog, we have what could be the most accurate look of the new Bronco yet.

Except, it’s not a render of a Bronco.


India is one of the markets where Ford sells the Everest SUV, but they call it the Ford Endeavor (pictured here in Fire Bronze). Furthermore, it’s all but confirmed at this point, that this practical and capable machine will be the platform for the new America-bound Bronco. The Endeavor is pretty big news in India, which is why they shared this render of a “facelifted” model sporting design cues from the F-150 pickup. When you fuse the Bronco’s platform mate with attributes from the F-150, you get what could be a pretty believable Bronco render by SRK Designs.


There has been plenty of discussion on whether Ford will keep the softer, rounded look of the Everest or not. On one hand, it would visually match Ford’s other SUVs, but a sharper design with squared fenders would liken it to the F-Series lineup.

As usual, take all of this with a grain of salt. Until Ford sends us an official press release everything is game!

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