All-Electric Ford F-150: Do You Love the Idea, or Hate It?

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F-150 Hybrid Concept

Despite many inherent challenges, Ford is going to build an electrified F-150. So the question is, will you buy one?

To no one’s surprise, Ford recently admitted that it was going to build an all-electric F-150. The addition of battery power to America’s perennial favorite truck was inevitable, though obviously controversial. Personally, so long as Ford continues to offer gas-powered (preferably with eight cylinders) pickups moving forward, we don’t see anything wrong with this. But as you might imagine, the topic of an electric F-150 is more than enough to get folks talking in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums.

Many members agree that an electric or hybrid F-150 is a good thing, including onug. But he also has valid concerns about it.

“I’m fairly curious, but I’m not holding my breath for either the hybrid or all-electric F-150. I’ve already told my dealer to call me the second the hybrid arrives. Infrastructure is a major problem with an all-electric vehicle and when it comes to trucks, it’s needed even more. The longer ranges being promised by some of the all-electric truck platforms coming to market in the next few years is exciting. But it still won’t give me the range I need to tow my trailer into the mountains and back.”

Ford F-150

But as alloro points out, the current proposed ranges are enough for most people, at least.

“With the larger battery option they’re boasting around a 400 mile range. I’m sure it’s more like 300-350 in the real world, but even that is good for an entire day for most people. I don’t think I’d do any long distance towing, but for local use or even contractors it’s very appealing.”

But for those reasons and more, Wiggums wouldn’t consider buying an EV F-150.

“All-electric cars are out of the question for me. I’m not going to wait 30 minutes. And if you do get stranded, are there charging tow trucks? I only like the hybrid because the engine is not always running when I’m at the border. The stop and go traffic is insane. I’m not a tree-hugger, it’s just the wear and tear I’m looking at.”

Ford F-150

Member diesel_dan feels the same way, and points to challenges other automakers are currently experiencing.

“I think it would be an answer to a question nobody is asking. GM discontinued the Volt – it was initially supposed to be a plug-in only and then they made it a hybrid. Some people just think electricity comes out of the wall, and they are being so green with an electric or hybrid car. They need to realize the total carbon footprint cost. And unless we start damming up more rivers, it ain’t gonna be solar that is the breakthrough in power generation/delivery. Keep your heavy batteries – I’ll take the payload capacity thanks very much!”

So far, there’s a pretty even split of opinions on this hot topic. So we want to know what you think. Head over here and tell us whether or not you would consider buying an electric and/or hybrid F-150, and why or why not!

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