Ultra-rare Marmon-Herrington Ranger 4×4 Surfaces for Sale

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Marmon-Herrington Ranger

Less than a dozen Marmon-Herrington Rangers are thought to be around today, and this one’s looking great.

Most die-hard Ford fans are well aware of Marmon-Herrington, the company that completed four-wheel drive conversions for the Blue Oval before they decided to move that process in house. And you’ve seen plenty of M-H trucks right here at FTE over the years. But one particular model that you rarely ever see is the Marmon-Herrington Ranger, which was essentially a 4×4-converted F-100 panel truck. So when we spotted this nicely sorted 1955 example on Craigslist, we knew we had stumbled across something truly special.

From the looks of things, this particular Marmon-Herrington Ranger is mostly through the restoration process. The frame has received a fresh coat of paint, and the engine compartment looks very fresh. The body of the truck also looks to be in excellent shape, with some body panels in pretty much perfect painted condition. Strangely enough, however, they didn’t bother painting the whole thing at once, for reasons unknown.

Marmon-Herrington Ranger

Still, it wouldn’t take much to finish this rare old truck. A little interior trim, a little paint, and you’re pretty much good to go. But there are just a couple of caveats here that’ll scare off any potential buyer. First off – the asking price of $130,000 is downright insane. Sure, only a small handful of these trucks were ever built, and fewer still exist today. Whether or not that justifies the sky-high asking price, well, we’re not so sure.

Marmon-Herrington Ranger

Secondly, the seller implies that this particular Marmon-Herrington Ranger is the “only survivor” of its kind. And, well, we know that’s not true, because we saw another one for sale not too long ago. Nobody’s disputing this truck’s inherent rarity, but we are disputing its value, even if a restored example reportedly sold for $250,000 a while back. Regardless, we’re just happy to see another one of these cool old trucks still around today!

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