68-Year-Old Granny Crashes Raptor Through Fence and Into Pool

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We know summer calls for pool-side fun, but bringing your Raptor along is sort of frowned upon.

We’ve put the 2017 Raptor through many obstacles: rocks, streams, dunes, mud, you name it — we’ve done it. But, the one thing we’ve never tried, and most likely never will, is visiting our local pool.

According to Fox 5 San Diegoa 68-year-old woman lost control of her 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor while driving through the Allied Garden area. What actually caused the woman to lose control and veer off the road wasn’t made public, but it surely had major consequences.


Reports claim that around 4:30 pm, the driver of the F-150 left the road and impacted a neighboring house’s perimeter fence head on. Because we know the Raptor is nearly indestructible, it laughed at the fence and continued its path forward. Whether it’s fortunately or unfortunately, it met the one thing that’d slow it down in a hurry — a backyard swimming pool. Thankfully, a good Samaritan quickly jumped in, smashed the window, and helped the old woman stay afloat until emergency services arrived.

While the collision was costly, and the driver and good Samaritan were injured, this could’ve been much worse. We’re just glad the backyard and pool were empty when this took place.

Stay safe out there, folks!

UPDATE: A recent story by NBC San Diego claims the Raptor rolled down a street while it was being unloaded. The 68-year-old woman was released from the hospital the same day, and no further details have been released.

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