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Check out this electric blue Bronco! ICON specializes in resto-modding classic 4×4 off-road vehicles like this first generation beasty blue 1976 Ford Bronco. Now taking the ICON BR badge, Team ICON breathes new life to many antique vehicles. The California-based rebuilding batch of wizards work with many automakers from Ford, Jeep to Toyota. So if you have a non-Ford older model, ICON most likely will be able to assist you if not do the resto-job.

Each specific model ICON restores has a styling twist to its build. Parts chosen by the ICON team and master builder Jonathan Ward who is shown in the video below doesn’t have all the say. Customers have many available paths to choose from for the resto-job. From performance parts, interior and infotainment each client will have their dreams listened to and realized in the ICON garage. I’ll take you on a tour through the componentry Jonathan mentioned on this ICON BR production number #0025.

ICON has worked with electric motors and diesel in the past but this Bronco has been fitted with a traditional Ford Coyote V8 engine, like most other ICON BRs built by them. Jonathan implies that the current Mustang GT engine in this BR has plenty of punch and gurgle. The aluminum 5.0-liter sure sounds fast and mean smoking out the big Borla pipes.

The rest of the powertrain is just as admirable as the engine. Cycling out of a 4-speed automatic the revolutions are channeled through part-time shift-on-the-fly transfer case on out through a couple meaty Dynatrac Dana-based ProRock axles. It also has an ARB hydralic locking differential system on the front and rear that sounds like they will help you jump out of quicksand. Taking care of the ride ICON has fitted the BR with four-corner fully-independent, long-travel sport suspension so you can take the party with you.

The last highlight of the video to was the removable hardtop, cloth top and convertible setup. Each configuration has a unique feel. From the enclosed hardtop with that brilliant blue shining to the Mercedes-Benz insulated cloth top looks dreamy. Even to the full topless gives rarity of character and feel when off-roading or just touring through town. Watch the rest of the video to see the interior specifics and infotainment installed. This Bronco now ICON BR is fully loaded so take another couple minutes and think about how you would restore your classic 4×4 from ICON.

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