Ford Cortina Ute is What We All Want

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Here in the States, we really missed the train on pickup style cars. Sure, we had the El Camino and the Ranchero, but that was really it. Both were around, but not for long enough to stay in the public consciousness. Elsewhere in the world, pickup style cars, otherwise known as utes, became hugely popular and are still built to this day.

One of the first of these utes was that of the Ford Cortina Mk3 “Bakkie”. Originally built for the South African market, Ford sold two distinct body styles, with the one you see before you being the rarer of the two. The owner of this Ford Cortina says that it’s had a fairly recent, and pretty pisspoor respray, but is almost completely lacking any rust even though it’s been in Scotland for a number of years.

The Ford Cortina uses a 1.6-liter Kent Crossflow engine mated to a 4-speed transmission. Current bids are up to around $5,500, but could go for a little bit more. Check it out more on eBay.

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