A British Take on How Pickup Drivers Ruin Their Trucks

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Pickup Truck Mistakes 2

In the United States, automakers sell so many trucks that it’s very easy for you to drive down the street in one and see someone else in an identical pickup. With prices for the vehicles as high as they are these days, who wants their truck to look or sound like a clone after they spend more than $40,000 or $50,000 on it? That’s a potential issue that modifications can solve.

However, some of them can create problems. Even though the narrator of the following Car Throttle video is from a place that doesn’t have a lot of pickups in it, he’s certainly paid a lot of attention to American truck culture and noted what he thinks is hurting it. For instance, he says lifts raise the center of gravity and stress driveline hardware. On top of that, he claims people don’t take their daily drivers which have been altered in such a way through the mud. Although I agree jacking a truck up too high can potentially lead to stability issues, I must say I’ve seen quite a few lifted trucks covered in trail muck, the sign of a good time outdoors.

Among other things, he also claims that big, knobby, off-road tires create a sound that will never be ear-pleasing and perform poorly in wet road conditions.

Warning: If you watch the clip, it’s likely to enrage you. It’s already drawn a truckload of criticism from pickup owners. One complaint I have is the omission of those awful-looking “truck nuts.”

Do you agree with Car Throttle‘s list? What would you remove from it and/or add to it?

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