Why Did the Lincoln Blackwood Fail So Hard?

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As we move into this new realm of luxurious pickup trucks, The Truth About Cars decided to look back at one of the earliest luxury trucks that hit the market and spectacularly failed. The Lincoln Blackwood. The truck started its life as a Ford F-150, and given to Lincolns’ expert luxury people to make an elegant, comfortable truck for everyone with enough money. The problem, they went entirely too far with the luxury, and lost the capability that a truck still needs.

If you look at luxury trucks now, trucks like the Ford F-150 King Ranch Platinum Edition, they bathe the consumer in an interior that rivals some Range Rovers, but keeps all the basic truck components so you can still use it like a truck. The Lincoln? Not so much.


The bed of the Blackwood was bathed in carpet and brushed aluminum. Things that would definitely need to be replaced after throwing a ton of wood, stone, or dirt onto. Why, why would you cover the bed of a truck with carpet? Or metal that would surely get scratched up the first time it sees anything heavier than a thirty pound dog? The problems didn’t stop there. The truck was unbelievably ugly. The design and pin striping made it look like a custom truck that you see at SEMA, but only take pictures of to laugh at later.

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