TRUCK YOU! Two Crew Cab Duallys in the Garage

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Regardless of how good a truck has been over the years, there always come a point when moving on seems to be a good idea. Sometimes that means getting rid of the old and trusty rig, and other times it may simply mean retiring it from its life of hard labor. Regardless of what once chooses to do with their noble ride, we understand that it may, in fact, be necessary. And that definitely doesn’t need to be a bad thing!

As for FTE member 87crewdually, he decided to retire his previous vehicle and buy a newer ride to fulfill his needs. It seems to have worked out quite well, and today we’ll be stepping into his garage and looking at the two amazing rides that have gotten him to where he is now!


FTE TY 2-1

The first and older of the two rigs is, as one might assume from his username, a 1987 Crew Cab Dually. The now-retired ride has a 6.9 Banks Sidewinder turbo, ARP studs, a turbo pump, G code injectors, a straight pipe with a side exit, and more! It’s clear that 87crewdually put a lot into his Ford over the years that it was in service, though he doesn’t seem to like it any less now that it’s been given some quiet years!

As for his newer ride, which is currently the workhorse of the two, the vehicle is a 2005 Crew Cab Dually XLT with a 6.0L motor and four-wheel-drive. The monster has a 4″ turbo-back exhaust, a ScanGaugeII, 2008 mirrors, and much more!

FTE TY 3-1

While moving away from an old ride can be a rather sad thing, it doesn’t have to be. For 87crewdually, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to add a new ride to the bunch! Go stop by his garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a great time! Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured next week on TRUCK YOU!

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