Ford Everest Goes Up in Flames During Test Drive

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Everest On Fire

As automotive journalists, we drive a lot of vehicles. Some of those vehicles aren’t even on sale to the general public, yet. It’s all part of the job. But once in a while, something odd happens. In the case of an Australian journalist, the Ford Everest he was driving erupted into flames.

Journalist Peter Barnwell was out driving the Everest on a test drive when he received a warning about the vehicle’s cruise control system, and then a warning about the DEF (called AdBlue in Australia) needed filled. Shortly afterwards, the vehicle then caught fire.


As scary as it sounds, vehicles do sometimes catch fire. Barnwell goes on to explain, “There’s some two dollar bit in the electrical system which has malfunctioned and it’s caused a short-circuit which has overheated the battery and up it went.”

Ford is looking into the problem, as they do when stuff like this happens. However, it’s really surprising this doesn’t happen more often, considering how complex modern vehicles are, and the conditions they’re often exposed to.

slack-imgsBut the important takeaway is this; if your car (regardless of make or model) starts freaking out, it’s a good idea to pull to the side of the road and stop. Continuing to drive the car when you don’t know what’s going on could be dangerous.

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