Ford F-250 Powerstroke for the Win!

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Here in the U.S., we believe that with the lightest of sprinklings of snow or rain, we need all-wheel drive. Because its necessary to be “safe” and provide better traction. We don’t, and if most people learned how to actually drive, they’d be capable of navigating fairly deep snow with worn tires and a rear-wheel drive car. The Amazon is another story.

Here we have a video of a couple Ford trucks navigating what can only be described as the worst road known to man because it’s not a road, but more of a swamp with massive ruts and the traction equivalent to the moon. However, there is a hero of this story, the man and his Ford F-250 Powerstroke. Honestly, if I had seen this “road” I probably would have just turned around and tried to find another way around. He though is undeterred and is an absolute badass.

Take a look.

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