Pushing the 2017 Raptor to its (Speed) Limit

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Ford Raptor

Auto Journalists and Tuning Pro John Hennessey Take the 2017 Raptor on a Power Run, and the Results Are Awesome

A large group of journalists recently gathered together to test the all-new 2017 Ford Raptor in San Diego. A couple of them attempted to get a taste of what the truck was capable of offering. The results are pretty impressive.

The best 0-60 run of the group clocked in at 6.1 seconds, which is sports-car territory. But we all knew that the 2017 Raptor was capable of much more. Tuning pro John Hennessey sure did, and he has conducted a proper acceleration test on the new Raptor at a drag strip.

But first, Hennessey rolled his stock 2017 Ford Raptor onto the dyno to get some baseline numbers. After figuring out which of the 10 gears was optimal for achieving peak power, the Raptor produced a best of 365 horsepower and 422 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. As Hennessey points out, those numbers are virtually identical to a second-generation Viper. Now, that’s progress.

After the impressive dyno session, Hennessey takes his 2017 Raptor truck to the drag strip to find out how that power translates to speed. As it turns out, the truck lays that power down pretty darn well. The Ford Raptor manages a best 0-60 time of 5.3 seconds, with the 1/4 mile coming in 14.1 seconds at 96 miles per hour.

The purpose of all this is to help Hennessey develop performance parts for the 2017 Raptor. His VelociRaptor creations of the past were seriously fast, wild rides that could outrun a lot of sports cars. His excitement for the potential of the new truck is off the charts.

Hennessey predicts that he will easily be able to massage the 2017 Raptor into a truck that is capable of running a high three-second 0-60 time. That, of course, is insane for a 6,000-pound truck. However, we’ll be waiting anxiously to see if he can pull it off!

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