Still Hot for Ford Truck Hot Wheels?

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Ford Truck Hot Wheels

Unboxing Viral Video Featuring Finely-Detailed Mini-Ford Trucks has Us Feeling like Kids Again

You can thank Hot Wheels, at least a little, for turning us into lovers of all things automotive. Since their inception in 1968, the company has been churning out little die-cast replicas of vehicles both real and imagined. Hot Wheels became such a resounding success that people still go crazy over them today.

Originally designed for kids, Hot Wheels have become a hugely collectible item for adults. We’ve all seen that guy who shows up at the local store early in the morning and digs through the pegs. Some of these cars are bringing huge dollars these days and are highly sought after.

But you also have folks who collect Hot Wheels for the same reason they did in childhood — they’re just plain cool. A lot of the new ones feature some pretty amazing detailing. And they make a great (and cheaper) addition to our growing truck collections.

Ford Truck Hot Wheels

YouTube star and auto enthusiast Drew Bennett is also an avid Hot Wheels collector. His latest unboxing video features a couple of Ford Trucks. The coolest one of the lot is a 1949 F-1 with matte black paint and red striping. The F-1 even has a nicely detailed “El Segundo Speed Shop” logo on the door. It’s the kind of thing you’d see at a local cruise night.

The other Ford in the set is a 2009 F-150 with yellow flames over a maroon paint job. While not as cool as the F-1, it’s still a pretty nice piece for the price.

So while a lot of folks might still dismiss Hot Wheels as “kids toys,” it’s hard to deny the passion adults have for them. It’s the same passion that we all once had as we dreamed of owning the real thing.

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