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Ford Raptor

Winter, Schminter. Pfffft! A Little ‘ol Blast of Blizzard Snow Can’t Stop this Procharged Ford Raptor from Having Some Fun

Winter is easily the most depressing time of year. Gloomy skies, cold temperatures and slippery commutes all add up to seasonal depression. But while most simply walk around moping, others make the best of things. Case in point, the owner of this Procharged Ford Raptor. He’s not sitting around lamenting over winter. This badass daredevil is too busy making snow donuts.

It’s not like a Procharged Raptor (or even a stock one) can’t make donuts on dry surfaces. But throw in a few inches of snow and the fun quotient goes up exponentially. The weight of your foot on the pedal is probably enough to slide around all day long if you wish.

And we’re guessing that’s all it took for this Raptor to do the four-wheel drift for a couple of 360s. Kicking up trails of snow as it goes, the Raptor’s blown powerplant sounds amazing as well. We’re not sure what other sorts of mods it has, but this is clearly a powerful beast.

Mike, the lucky owner of this blown Raptor, is no stranger to fast vehicles. He also owns a Procharged Mustang that pumps out 625 horsepower. Clearly, he has an affinity for fast toys and isn’t afraid to ring them out!

So, the next time you find yourself starting to feel the old seasonal depression kick in, keep your chin up and swing by an empty lot for some drifting fun. Not only are you virtually guaranteed to instantly feel better, but you’re doing your part in snow removal. And this kind of snow removal sure beats shoveling!

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