Is This the 2016 Ford Focus RS?

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2016 Ford Focus RS artistic interpretation courtesy of Top Speed

Ford recently confirmed that one of their first vehicles to fall under the new performance brand was to be a United States-bound Ford Focus RS!

For those of us who long for the forbidden fruit of RS goodness, that’s excellent news. Ford has been testing the vehicle for awhile, but our friends over at TopSpeed have developed a rendering of what they think the car will look like.


2015 Ford Focus ST courtesy of The Ford Motor Company

I like it. Even though Ford has gone to great lengths to conceal the new car, TopSpeed was able to take a bunch of different shots and glean some important detail changes. The biggest appears to be the new front end; extra vents and grilles exist to help keep the new car’s engine cool.

We expect the Focus RS to have the 2.3L EcoBoost V4 that appears in both the Lincoln MKC and Ford Mustang EcoBoost under the hood. However, we expect it this time to be tuned to around 330 horsepower or so.

Rumor also has it that the Focus RS will be the first Focus RS with all-wheel drive. That would make it more competitive with the Golf R, WRX STI, and the upcoming all-wheel drive Dart SRT.


2015 Ford Focus ST courtesy of The Ford Motor Company

In yellow paint with the black highlights, the car looks fast! Bigger, Brembo-branded brakes should help with the stopping duty. Ford will also likely implement some torque vectoring system.

It’s unclear if it’ll be brake-based, like the Focus and Fiesta ST, or work in conjunction with some sort of mechanical differential. I hope for the latter.


2016 Ford Focus RS artistic interpretation courtesy of Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Hopefully we’ll see more of the Focus RS at the 2015 North American International Auto Show that starts next week. Until then, sound off in the comments letting us know what you think!

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