2011 Ford Excursion Overview

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The 2011 Ford Excursion marks an important landmark year for the Ford company; this vehicle was previously off the market and discontinued, having originally been produced only between the model years 2000 and 2005. The new Excursion will feature many of the same specs and engine accessories as the other vehicles, but an updated exterior, interior and drivetrain will help to bring it up to date and comparable with new vehicles.


The interior of the 2011 Ford Excursion will be spacious and roomy. With two rows of seats, this SUV has a huge amount of space for several passengers and lots of cargo or luggage as well. It will feature the updated amenities and interior features that many people have come to expect from high end vehicles at this point in time, including optional leather seats, circulated air, full stereo and CD changer with MP3 capabilities, and much more.


The engine for the 2011 Ford Excursion is a V8 engine with optional capacity settings. The largest of the engines will have a whopping 7.3 liter capacity, although the standard engine will be 6.0 liters. Specially designed fuel economic vehicles will have lower capacities than that, but the design of these cars will overall be slightly different. This powerful engine will allow the Excursion to haul a heavy load of passengers or cargo, and to attach trailer hitches and other vehicles as well.


The 2011 Ford Excursion will be priced competitively against other SUVs in Ford’s lineup. The starting price will be set at around $22,000, although the custom features and the wide array of trim options will mean that most of these cars will end up selling for several hundred or even thousands of dollars more than that.


The exterior of the 2011 Excursion model will feature the same excellent craftsmanship and design that most Ford vehicles display. With an improved grill and other features over the previous models, this new comeback vehicle will have a distinctly more updated and modern appearance over the largely practical and garrish Excursion of several years ago.

For more information about the 2011 Ford Excursion, including rumors of other features and images of the vehicle, check in with your local Ford dealer. The car is expected to be unveiled at the 2011 car release in the fall of the 2010 calendar year, along with the other 2011 models for Ford’s lineup of vehicles.

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