2011 Ford F-350 Overview

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The Ford F 350 will likely be the largest full size pickup truck on the market in the model year 2011. Ford’s F 350 model is immense and equally powerful, with plenty of horsepower to perform highly at even the most difficult of tasks. The F 350 is not designed as a standard vehicle for most driver’s needs. Rather, it is designed to be used by those who are interested in having their trucks work on a variety of difficult construction and other landscaping tasks, amongst other things as well. Read on for some of the specs and model changes for the 2011 Ford F 350 truck from previous year’s models.

2011 Ford F 350 Overview

The Ford F 350 comes with a specialized engine that is 6.7 liters in capacity and with V8 capabilities. This huge engine is capable of 390 horsepower, which rivals many of the other Super Duty Ford trucks. It also has nearly 800 foot-pounds of torque capability, which is monumentally impressive and gives the Ford F 350 the best torque rating of any truck of its size on the road. This means that you’ll have incredible pulling power and excellent worksmanship from this vehicle for virtually any task that you need to do.


The interior of the Ford F 350 is also quite impressive. The vehicle features a unique combination of luxurious amenities and sizable space, providing room for up to 5 additional passengers besides the driver. Unfortunately, the space for all of those passengers when the vehicle is filled up to capacity is pretty small, relative to many other vehicles that can seat that many people. However, the Ford F 350 has not been and will continue to not be marketed as a passenger vehicle; it is best put to use hauling massive amounts of debris, lumber, rock, wood or other materials in the large size bed. The interior is suitable for a comfortable driving experience, but it is not the primary focus of the 2011 Ford F 350.


The Ford F 350 is built with a tough exterior that is designed to withstand minor scratches, dents and other damage that is likely to occur to a working truck. The fenders and bumpers are outfitted with protective materials to ward these damages off. Otherwise, the exterior of the Ford F 350 in the 2011 model year looks virtually identical to the exterior for the previous two model years as well. Ford has not announced a major overhaul to the exterior design of this vehicle.


The baseline price for the F 350 is just under $30,000. Additional features and luxury amenities can be included in the vehicle, as well as four wheel drive capabilities, for several thousand dollars more in cost. This makes the F 350 not one of Ford’s cheapest vehicles to purchase.

For more information about the F 350 for the 2011 model season, speak with a Ford dealer near you.

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