2011 Ford Flex Overview

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The 2011 Ford Flex is an exciting new crossover SUV that is designed for both practical family use and larger, difficult work tasks as well. Combining the power and spaciousness of an SUV with the handling, gas mileage and steering capabilities of a smaller Ford vehicle, the 2011 Flex model has specs that rival those of much smaller cars. Read on for a brief overview of this vehicle, including changes from previous models and other pertinent information as well.

What’s New in the 2011 Flex

The biggest news in the Flex line of vehicles is the 2011 Flex Titanium. This specialized trim type is available as a luxury model. Featuring an extra wide and futuristic appearance, the Flex Titanium also has a number of different add ons that are sure to make it a popular choice for those who have the additional money to spend. These add ons include a painted black roof, chrome alloy accents to the sides of the vehicle, leather seats with charcoal grey coloring and extra large, 20 inch titanium wheels.

Other models of the Flex are much more similar in appearance and design to previous version of the vehicle. Ford has determined that the Flex is an adequate vehicle that meets the needs of a good number of people from different backgrounds and interest groups, and they have subsequently opted to leave the Flex much unchanged, deciding not to tamper with something that has already been successful in comparison with sales of standard Ford SUVs.


The Ford Flex is one of the most spacious vehicles available on the market today. It far outstrips much of the competition in this regard, including a good number of different SUVs as well. There is spacious room for two different sets of seats behind the driver, allowing for up to 7 additional passengers and plenty of space remaining for cargo as well. For those who wish to haul larger pieces of cargo, the rear seats fold down and can be removed as well, providing even more spacious interior room.

The engine in the 2011 Ford Flex is largely unchanged from earlier models. It is a 3.5 liter V6. One of the complaints about the vehicle was that the earlier models have a difficult time with power when fully loaded with passengers and cargo. Ford has promised to rectify these problems with the upcoming 2011 version, but with the same engine in the vehicle it may be difficult for them to do that. Preliminary reviews have shown, however, that the Ford Flex for this upcoming model year is plenty powerful.

The 2011 Ford Flex doesn’t have a specific release date advertised as of yet, although it’s expected that Ford will unveil it at the expositions in the fall of 2010 along with the other upcoming 2011 models. For more information about the Flex and how it can be a good choice of car for you, plan to visit a Ford dealer in your area at that time with additional questions.

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