Bucket Truck Buying Guide

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What is the right used Ford bucket truck for you? First, what is your application? Are you a cable contractor? Electrical installer? In the advertising or sign business? Tree service? Consider the style of bucket that is right for your business: single bucket, two man bucket, or dual bucket. Among other considerations, you also must choose between ladder-style or telescoping booms.

Here’s a quick buying guide to the various “flavors” of bucket trucks.

If you are a cable installer, purchase a used Ford bucket truck with either an insulated or non-insulated, single bucket. It can be rear or front mounted and should allow you to reach heights between 32 and 105 feet. Choose a model with upper and lower controls, hydraulic outriggers and on-truck storage (drawers and shelves where you can stow equipment, tools, and other necessities).

If you are an electrical installer, you should get a used Ford bucket truck with material handling storage. The truck should have a rear-mounted boom/bucket, have a double bucket (one for equipment or helper, and one from which to work), and the boom should be insulated allowing you to work at heights between 32 and 105 feet. Choose upper and lower controls with dual hydraulic outriggers.

If you’re in the advertising/sign business, your used bucket truck should have a double bucket, insulated or non-insulated, your choice. It can have either a boom or a ladder design and should get you to heights of between 32 and 105 feet. The boom/ladder should be rear mounted and the bucket truck should have material handling capacity.

As a cable installer, choose a used bucket truck that has a single bucket, which is either insulated or non-insulated. It can either be a boom or ladder style vehicle and the boom/ladder can be mounted on the rear or front. Choose upper and lower controls and dual outriggers. The boom should get you to heights from 32 to 105 feet.

For a tree service, your used bucket truck should have an insulated rear-mount boom, a single bucket, reach heights of 32 to 75 feet, and have upper and lower controls.

Boom manufacturers include Telsta, Versalift, Altec, Terex, Eti, Hi Ranger, Armlift, Lift-All, Elliott and Teco.

A used Ford bucket truck can be had for as little as $10-15,000, with the price depending on the age of the vehicle and the height to which it will lift you.

So check out the used Ford bucket truck market. You can save thousands of dollars over buying new or leasing.

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